It can happen that you want to return an order. Maybe because you don't like the product or any other reason that makes you not want to keep your order. Whatever the reason is, you have 14 days to decide if you want to return your order.

After you cancel your order, you have another 14 days to return your order. We'll return you the money of the order including shipping costs. Only the costs of shipping to return your order is on you. These costs can vary from where you life. Check with your local shipping service.
If you return an order, it should be in original, perfect condition. To make use of this return service, we ask you to contact us at We will return your money within 14 days after we've received your order.

If the product is damaged, we might reduce the value of the product and transfer you less than the original costs of the product.

Wrong size? Trade the product for something else!

If you're unhappy with the size you've received, first check that the size stated on the garment matches the size stated on the sizing chart. Though rare, it's possible that the garment was mislabelled. Let us know and we'll get you sorted out. Would you trade your product? Not a problem! You can contact us at You will be responsible for the cost of shipping.

Oh no! I gave the wrong shipping address!

Accidentally gave the wrong shipping adres? Please contact us as quickly as you can. We will try to change the shipping information.

Damaged item

The last thing we want is for you to be stuck with a damaged item. If it arrives to you damaged, then please get in touch with us within a week's time!