Why does my sports center need custom sports apparel? As a gym owner, you don’t want to have a gym just like one in a million, No way! You want a gym where everyone can get the best out themselves. A place with the latest insights and features combined with personality and appearance.

The way you present your gym, determines the impression you make on your (new) sports members. You will achieve this with, among other things, with a uniform appearance for your staff and gym members. You want your personal trainers to look unique and professional. Custom athletic apparel for your gym ensures a reliable and professional appearance of your staff and gym members.

Custom Sports Apparel for my gym

Nothing is as important as an appearance you can identify yourself with. Mapleggings designs custom sportswear and gives your gym a recognizable look that’s is suitable for your company. Mapleggings offers you a wide variety of custom printing sportswear, such as high quality printed leggings, capri leggings  with matching sport bras, yoga pants, yoga capri leggings and yoga shorts.

  • Sell your own unique sports merchandise You can sell your custom sportswear with your gym logo in your own web shop and make some extra revenue.
  • Increase the brand exposure of your gym Whenever your gym member goes for a run out side with a legging with your gyms logo on it, you create awareness and gain free exposure!
  • As a gift for new gym members Give your new gym members a warm welcome. Offer them a unique and useful gift at their gym membership that comes in handy during their workout.
Custom Sports Apparel

Do you want to get an idea of how your printed legging for your fitness center is going to look like?

  • Choose your city;
  • Choose your favourite color(s);
  • Send us an image (vector file) of your business logo to mail@mapleggings.com;
  • We will get the job done and send you within 48 hours an image of your personalized legging;