What did you feel when you put on our legging for the first time? Surprised by how comfortable it is? Or the amazing detail in the print. Did you find the street you grew up on? The bar where you had your first drink? The park where you fell in love for the first time?

Combining leggings and places

We all life our lives going experiencing moments and places. Exploring it with people we love. We all have our own unique memories that we keep with us all trough our lives. But we might share the love for our favorite cities.

But why leggings?

Because we love leggings! We're so glad people are taking better care of themselves. Working out, improving their performances and putting in the work. No matter if you're a runner, a gym girl, enjoy spinning or are a crossfit bullfighting ass-kicker. Our leggings can take on any challenge!

A few things about our leggings. We have different types of leggings: Regular Leggings, Yoga Leggings, Capri Leggings, Yoga Capri Leggings and Yoga Shorts. We do all sorts of crazy colors but the most amazing thing:

You can request your favorite city for free!

That's right, if we don't have your favorite city available, you can request it and we'll design it for free. This way you could see how it looks and consider if you'd like to purchase it. No strings attached!