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Being the best leggings brand isn't always easy. Currently we've been getting a lot of request for new cities. This is truly amazing but it's pretty difficult for us to answer questions such us "who makes the best leggings?"

In this small overview you can find the best black yoga pants you've ever seen. Our most popular color is our unique black color. But answering which legging of ours is the best yoga pants ever... We have our full length Yoga Leggings, our shorter Yoga Capri Leggings and our Yoga Shorts.

What makes our leggings so popular?

It's simple. They're so incredibly comfortable.
But these leggings can do more than chill on the couch. They perform like no other in the gym, crossfit box, in a spinning class or during a run. They're squatproof. Meaning not see trough, have an amazing stretch and don't show any sweat stains. The "Yoga" versions of our legging have an extra high waistband. This offers some extra support and is very form flattering.

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Yoga Leggings Arlington Virginia Black
Yoga Capri Leggings Cape Town Black
Capri Leggings Hannover Black
Yoga Shorts Amersfoort Black Pink
€74.95 €64.95
Yoga Leggings Amsterdam Aubergine
€74.95 €64.95
Yoga Leggings Amsterdam Retro