The Entrepreneur - 30 Days later

by Philip Wallage on January 15, 2018
In The Entrepreneur I share my experiences of starting a webshop. Today there's cake! Because Mapleggings is live 30 days today! And what an incredible thrill it has been so far. In this post I would like to share (or log) some statistics of the shop. I would like to start with the number I’m most proud of; 1.091. And why (and what is) this number? It’s the number of unique visitors! So in our first month, over 1.000 people visited our online store. Which is an amazing number!


The number games

So far this resulted in the first 9 orders which is great. What does this mean? Well, we had a good start. We didn’t make any real money yet, but the shop is up and running. Receiving the first pictures from happy customers really made me smile ear-to-ear. Everything is working as intended and the reactions have been overwhelmingly positive.
We received so many legging-requests from all over the world: From Los Angeles to Ireland, from Paramaribo all the way to Tokyo. I couldn’t be more proud!


We’ve been reaching out to influencers who will start posting their leggings in the upcoming week. Once they’re up we’ll create some sort of ‘fanpics’ page where we can show our proud and happy customers. If you're already a lucky Maplegging owner, feel free to send us your pictures that we may share! This way we can prove to our new customers that we deliver! I would like to take this time to thank all our first-month customers. We do plan to keep track of them and possible do something extra nice for them once we’re turning profit. 

It's raining leggings!

Why sleep when you can create leggings? At the moment we currently have 1.175 products. This includes the five different sizes for each leggings. Which bring us to 235 Leggings! Not bad for a months work.

Learning point: We created leggings called “Dark” and “Light”. From a SEO (Search Engine Optimization) and UX (User Experience) perspective, we should’ve gone with Black and White. 


One of the bigger changes I pushed trough this month is the base currency of the store. Which is changed from USD ($) to EURO (€). The reason for doing so, is that iDeal (Dutch payment method) did not support a Dollar-based shops.
This sadly destroyed the link with Google Shopping, which only supports Dollar-based shops. Thanks for Henri at, I was able to re-link with Google Merchant Center. This will allow us to do more with AdWords and Shopping Ads in the future.

Who are our people

As expected we launched with the European market in mind. We launched from the Netherlands and used our network to empower it. This resulted in the following origin of visitors:
  • Netherlands: 705
  • Singapore: 164
  • United States: 132
  • Spain: 41
  • France: 30
Our visitors used the following devices:
  • Mobile 63%
  • Dekstop 35%
  • Tablet 2%
Our visitor found us trough:
  • Social 555 
  • Direct 520
  • Search 135
  • Unknown 20

Big shout out to the crew! 

I just wanna do a quick shout out to a few people! First of all a big thank to Nass, the love of my life who's been helping me out with customer contact, advice and being the best person in the world. You the best! I also want to thank Hanneke for the support and spreading the love.

I would especially like to thank our first few customers. Due to our Privacy Policy we can't name any names but you know who you are. And so do we. We appreciate you!


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