The Entrepreneur - January edition

by Philip Wallage on January 03, 2018

Here we are. The beginning of January. Happy new year! We're incredibly happy with the start we made in December. The website has only been live for almost three weeks now. As an entrepreneur, I can get really excited when I read about other people who start their online business and share their experience. I decided to do the same.

Sharing is Caring

There are a bunch of reasons why you shouldn't openly share all the information I'm about to share. For example, you could be scared when you read that we opened up only two weeks ago. It might make you reconsider purchasing. All I can say is, don't worry. We've tested everything, bought our own leggings and got them delivered. I know that sounds silly but I want to make sure everything works excellent and the experience is... Well, I would love for you to be as happy as I am right now! So if there are reasons not to share, why share? Because I would love to inspire other people to find what they love. To take control over there life and live it to the fullest. That's why.

How did it go?

Thanks for asking! I know you didn't ask. But since you're still reading, I'm assuming you're interested. In the first two weeks of business, we've been very proud of the fact that we had over 300 unique visitors! Over 400 visits (by those 300).

Where did they come from

As you can see, most of our visitors are direct traffic. I have a feeling that most of them are the people I've talked to myself. Almost 100 of the visits came trough Social Media. Which made me quite happy. We've started our social media efforts at the launch of the website, two weeks ago. More on Social Media later.

About 50 people found us trough the search engine. Which is nice since the website is still very new and we haven't started gathering links yet.

Also two people requested a special legging trough our "Request your City" page.

Let's talk about leggings!

YES! Leggings. That's what we're all about. Well, we're about making people feel good and be happy. Trough leggings. So we've started out with 3 types of leggings. A Regular Legging, Capri Legging and Yoga Legging.

We started out with the idea of making every city available in five colors: Aubergine, Dark, Light, Traditional and Retro. The cities we've launched in the first two weeks are: Amsterdam, Rotterdam, Utrecht, Gent, Brussel, Berlin, London and Paris. Only a few days ago we've launched our first special (by the request of one of our customers): An Olive Green Legging from New York. Only yesterday, also by request, we've launched a new Map Legging for the city of Amersfoort. Available in a three colors. Two of them new: Delft Blue and Lava Storm.

Social Media

With only 5 liked on our Facebook page there's still a lot of work to do. Trough the promotion of our posts, we were able to reach 33.222 people. Which is insane. An engagement of 243 is pretty decent, but could be better.

On Instagram we've been getting a bit of traction. After 17 posts, 46 people decided to follow us.  Those 17 post combined generated 457 likes and with 53 replies. We're very happy with those 53 replies, since we're going for a long-term engaged crowd. And not just a high number of inactive, disengaged followers.

We've made 21 pints on Pinterest. Which so far barely performed. Also Twitter didn't result in much so far, which is okay. These things costs time and maybe we didn't put in as much love in the last two as we did with the first two.


So what's next?

We look forward to the next two weeks. After that we've been trough our first 30-days period. But first I wanted to take this time to thank you for going trough all this information. I truly appreciate it that you've take the time!
We want to keep creating more engaging content and reach out to our first sponsored FitGirls. We've been looking for Fitgirls that want to review our Leggings. Also we want to ad more international Cities such as Budapest and Singapore. Possibly a few more American cities. If we'll receive more request, we'll prioritize those over our own.
We want to spend more time on our Social Media and optimize our AdWords and Facebook marketing. Also we'll look into Google Shopping.

As you can see, we're starting out. That means we're new and we would love to hear from you! We want to do anything we can to improve our store, products and our relationship with you. So those are our plans for 2018! 


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