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Why High Waisted Sport Leggings are taking over the gym

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Why High Waisted Sport Leggings are taking over the gym

So, high waisted sport leggings. No more are the days of sweaters, vests and sloppy floppy yoga pants. It’s time for tights and sport tops! When you’re hitting the gym a few times a week and are looking to expand your gym-wardrobe, let us tell you why you should evolve it to the next level.

High Waisted Sport Leggings keep everything in place

No matter if you’re a lady who lifts, loves to shred kilometers running or on bike or busts weights in a Crossfit training, High Waisted Sports Leggings help you keep everything in place.
The high waistband make sure everything is neat, tight and tucked in. Nothing hanging over the side of your pants.

High Waisted Sport Leggings protect the crack

You know that feeling. Going all in on an extra deep squat. But wait. Are you sure you’re not sharing more with the gym than you’d like to? Don’t get us wrong. We’re all for sharing pictures of dogs. We’re even open to cat pictures. We just prefer dogs. Back on topic. So if you’d rather not share to much of your precious underwear or the place where the dear lord split yah, a high waisted sport legging is what you need. No more worries during squatting any longer. That’s what we. call squat proof!

The appeal of High Waisted Sport Leggings

You can’t help but acknowledge the appeal of leggings. Whether you’re just working out in them or casually wearing them to do errands, it’s seriously an eye-catching piece of clothing. Some would argue that it’s not a look for casual wear. Guys might think “Probably not the kind of girl I would want to take home to meet the parents”. But when it comes to the gym, it’s a totally different story!

Super-duper-crazy comfortable leggings

Leggings are generally a super casual clothing item. With that being said, leggings take comfort to another level. Not only does the trend show a girl’s simple style, but they’re truly comfortable to wear. Guys can tell leggings are easy to wear, which tells them you like being comfortable and they are down with that. A lot of guys actually admire girls who prefer to be comfortable as opposed to uncomfortably wearing high-heels and really tight jeans. It gives them the idea that you are easy to talk to and be with. It also shows them that you prioritise you feeling good and not just looking good. Obviously, that grabs his attention because it means you don’t care much for materialistic or superficial things, because at the end of the day guys are simple creatures.

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